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Spotlight on Laurie Sorensen

Hello, lovelies. If you're like me, then you're always happy meet a new author and find out them and their stories. So I'm very pleased to welcome historical romance author, Lauri Sorenson, who's here to talk about herself and her book, Ravenwood: Night's Salvation. Lauri recently signed a contract with Evernight Publishing, for her novel, The Pirate Princess, so you'll be hearing a lot more about her soon enough. Let's get right into...

Lauri, tell us more about yourself and your writing.

Well, to quote Roseanne Barr, I’m just your average Domestic Goddess. I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. I’m not as ordinary as I like to think I am, you see I write in ALL my spare time, which presently isn’t much time. I started writing a long time ago, when I was around 14 years old and my maternal grandmother passed away. It was an outlet for my grief in writing poetry that I never showed to anyone. Later, it helped me to overcome my crippling shyness around age 16.

You see on the pages of my stories I was outgoing, popular and everyone liked me, I wasn’t afraid of anything. Not so in real life though. My father was Air Force, leaving us moving more than I would have liked. I used the moving around to not make many friends, though it was really the terrible shyness that overshadowed my life. The friends I did make, have become lifelong friends, treasures to be sure. I never thought I would be published, indeed had never intended to submit my work, but at the endless insisting of family and friends, I gave in, and shortly there after became a professional author with a published work under her belt, and many more on the way.

Awesome. I can certainly relate with the sentiment of writing in ALL my spare time. Your intro clearly says you didn't set out to be a writer. What did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was but a wee little thing, I wanted to be a doctor, but when I realized that math was not really my forte, I moved on to something better. I wanted to be an Air Force Fighter Pilot; boy was my bubble ever burst wide open when I went into the recruiter’s office. I passed all of their tests, and he was happily preparing the paperwork for me to sign my left away to the Air Force, when he asked me what it was I wished to do in the military. He had a poster of the F-16 Tomcat behind him and I smiled at him as I pointed and said, I want to fly those. He took a quick look behind him (as if the poster hadn’t been there before) and when he turned back around he was blinking…and stumbling over his words. I frowned because I felt like I know what was coming. He said quite simply “You can’t fly those.” I then asked him why not to which he replied, “You’re a woman.”

Of course that didn’t sit well with me, in a time where women could do just as well as men could in everything except peeing standing up. I got upset and told him that the military isn’t supposed to discriminate due to sex. He quickly recovered himself and said, “Well, you also wear glasses, and you can’t fly anything in the military if you already have glasses.” I wasn’t sure if I had believed him or not, but it turns out that all of it was irrelevant, I have asthma and it’s an instant disqualification for any branch of the military, or was back then.

What I wanted most in my life was to be a wife and mother, writing was secondary, now it is equal to being a wife and a mother. My children are all self-sufficient now, and I am not needed near as much as I would like to be, so I get the chance to write.

Sorry, I shouldn't laugh at that military story, but LOL. Okay, back to you as a write! How did you get into historical romance?

History is a hobby of mine, I love all history (with the exception of some of the more gruesome parts of our history), so it was only natural to write what I know. I haven’t limited myself to just historical stories, though, I am working on contemporaries, YA and children’s books as well, and I have even put some thought into doing a naughty fairy-tale…I’ve even gone so far as to ask my fan’s and family what fairy-tale they would want to see me write about…lol

I'm plotting one of those naughty fairytales myself ;-) ;-). What’s the most rewarding thing about writing for you?

Seeing my name on a book cover has to be the top reward for my writing. Fans emailing me and telling me they loved my book, demanding the next one as soon as possible, that comes in as a very close second.

The name on the cover of a book - yes, that's one I aspire to. I even did a mock cover just for fun. LOL.

Five Fun Facts:
  • Pantser or Plotter: Pantser (but with work I can plot)
  • Sweet or sour: A little of both really…lol
  • Vacation spot: Beach, or Greece
  • Colour: Any shade of Green
  • Hobby (writing excluded): Cake decorating

I know you said you write in ALL your spare time, but there must be other stuff you do, so tell us what it is you get up to when you’re not writing?

I used to be a stay at home mom, but now I work outside the home at a small country gift store. The store is on the web, feel free to check it out at www.cindyscountrygifts.com. I also sell Tupperware both for in-home parties and online, please feel free to check out my Tupperware Website as well at www.my2.tupperware.com/lmmccomas. Juggling everything like I do, can be precarious at best…horrible at worst. I love being a wife and mother, but I like the job I have had since November last year too, and I adore Tupperware, so I wouldn’t likely give up any of them. Time management is a big thing; you need to utilize what time you do have in the best ways possible to get the greatest affect.

(Hear, hear) Why should readers buy your book (I know, tough one, but it really does make you think. PS. ‘Because I wrote it’ doesn’t count. LOL)

I wrote my book in such a way as to bring the reader into its pages, allowing the reader to get to know Night and Satine and the other characters to the point that they can feel the pain the characters feel. It’s my hope that they will fall madly in love with both Night and Satine, and want to keep reading about them and the rest of the Ravenwood family in the subsequent books to come. If readers want to savour a story, and love history as much as I do, that’s why they should buy my book.

Great answer, and a perfect lead to my next question. Any wise words for aspiring/struggling authors?

Never give up. I almost did, and I know now that I would have regretted it tremendously if I had. It’s an adventure, there will be bad times, and there will be good times. Sometimes the bad out numbers the good, but in the end, have confidence in your work, and someone else will too. There is an audience out there for every book written, never forget that.

I like that. Please give us a sneak peek into your latest book. don't forget to tell us where we can get copies!


Duty, love and passion take flight on the wings of destiny. Compelled by honor and duty, Night Ravenwood leaves the only life he knows to return home after his brother’s death. He’s the new heir to Ravenwood Manor and the Earldom; at home an arranged marriage awaits him with a woman he’s never met.

When tragedy strikes the newlywed couple, Night realizes he’s fallen in love with the beautiful Satine, but does she love him in return? Satine vows to make Night see his destiny includes her; meanwhile someone is willing to commit murder to keep them apart.

Will love or murder shape the destiny of this love?

Night awoke with a start.

He had the distinct feeling someone was watching him. He sat up slowly, wary of who might be lurking about.

It must be near to dinner time. Night had fallen asleep without pulling the coverlet over his body and there was a bit of a chill. Perhaps that’s what woke me. He started to rise from the bed and he heard a small, almost inaudible gasp.

Apparently, the sensation of being watched had not been just his imagination. He turned in the direction of the gasp and smiled. The beautiful Satine, his bride to be, was here in his bedchamber and he was still stark naked.

The door was shut and Satine was here in the privacy of his bedchamber. He realized she must have been watching him while he slept, totally unaware of her perusal of his body. That body now responded, his cock standing up proudly for her to see. Night was inordinately pleased to find her in his room like this. If he had needed proof that she was no simpering female he certainly had it now.

Perhaps I was wrong about the simpering fool, and about her being afraid of cock. Mayhap, she is not the cold fish I expected.

“How long have you been watching me?” He cocked his head to one side. Is she a pretty shade of pink? She certainly appears to be embarrassed. After all, she has been caught in my chamber gazing at me, and here I am wearing not one stitch of clothing.

Satine turned away, obviously embarrassed. She moved from one foot to the other and could not seem to control her impulses because she turned to look at him again. “Only a moment
or two. Your mother sent me to wake you. Dinner will be served in a quarter hour.” Night raised an eyebrow, but continued to watch her without further comment.

She started to leave but realized immediately she would have to pass him to get to the closed door. He was still watching her and now a grin spread slowly across his face. She is caught without a place to go. She made a move toward the door, but stopped when he stood.

His cock jutted out from his body, hard and large, yet he did not seem to frighten her as he thought he might.

Satine’s gaze was drawn downward and rested on his swollen manhood.

Her incredible eyes widened as she saw the evidence of his desire for her, but Night saw nothing close to the fear he had expected. Pleased yet again that she was apparently not a cold fish, Night smirked. If life with Satine would go on in the future as it was now, he thought she would always please him in more ways than one. He knew he was being a rogue, but he enjoyed teasing her, though it would make it a very long, hard wait for their wedding night.

“Do you like what you see?” He smiled as she reached for the robe draped over the end of the bed.

She tried to hand the robe to him without meeting his gaze.

“Come now, you have seen everything I have to offer, and yet you turn your head from me to give me the robe?”

When he didn’t take the robe from her, Satine took a few tentative steps toward him. Once again she held the robe out to him, willing him to take it.

She squeaked as he took hold of her arm instead of the robe. Her wrist was small and delicate, and her skin as soft as Dumas’ mane. Night shuddered as he pulled her close to him and he gazed into her eyes.

“I asked you a question. I would like an answer.” Night leaned close to her face, her sweet breath washing over him, her scent a promise of the sweetness awaiting his lips.

“Wh-what was the question, sir?” Satine stammered, her body trembled, though her gaze never left his.

He lowered his head and kissed her lightly, her perfect lips giving the sweetness he had hoped to find. His tongue lightly stroked her pink lips, urging them to part. Her lips parted for him innocently and he immediately deepened the kiss. Mating his tongue with hers in a dance far more intoxicating than he had expected, Night drew her ever closer to his body, nestling his engorged cock between her legs, fitting it quite nicely into the junction of her woman’s mound. He was not gentle with her--his only thought, to possess her. Night released her wrist, only to grasp her ample derriere, her clothing the only thing between them now.

She responded to his kiss without reserve, winding her arms around his neck as she dropped his robe and arched into his body. Night pulled her closer, breaking the kiss long enough to taste her neck and stroke her bottom. Her response to him thrilled him into further action.

They fit perfectly together as if she had been made for him, and no one else. Once more he sought her lips, found them and kissed her until they were swollen. The kiss left them both panting and speechless.

Breathless, he turned her toward the door. “You should go now, before I do more things I must not yet do. I will be down to dinner shortly.” Satine gazed up at him, blinking, trembling and a little shaky on what seemed to be wobbly legs.

He opened the door and gently pushed her into the hall. She went willingly but turned to watch him.

He closed the door softly, and leaned against it to catch his breath.

She never answered my question. Did I really give her a chance to answer?

He dressed, absently wondering what his wedding night would be like.

Book trailer: http://youtu.be/BeMp5JLpkS0


Where can we find you online?

Laurie has graciously agreed to giveaway a copy of Ravenwood: Night’s Salvation. Just leave her a comment or question for a chance to win. Winners will be announced on Monday 26th March.

Thanks for joining me and Laurie. Have a wonderful day!


  1. Thank you for having me over to your blog for a chat. It was great being here and I hope to hear from people with comments or questions...I will keep checking back and try to answer everyone.


  2. You're welcome, Laurie. Here's to many comments and lots of sales. :-)