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Crawling out: hello world

I have to admit that for a while now, my mojo was ... well ... off. I've been talking about my ms, Christmas Naughties for over a year now. It's still a WIP :-(, but at least my muse is back with a vengeance, and I've been working on it this week. Hopefully I will get to share it with the world this year.
Wish me luck

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Spotlight on Doris O'Connor

Happy Tuesday, everyone. Please help me welcome Doris O'Connor, writer of sensual, sassy, sexy romance. She has several books to her credit, and her latest release, Goldie and Her Bears is a naughty take on the classic fairytale, Goldilocks and the Three Bears (in honour of which I got an image of the original fairytale to compare with her sexy book cover below).

Hi, Doris and congrats on your latest release. Let's start by getting to know you. Tell us about yourself and your writing.

I'm a SAHM of nine, have been married to my gorgeous hubby for the last twenty-three years, and we live in the UK. I seem to have somehow drifted into writing Erotic romance and I'm told I do it rather well, write hot that is. Get your mind out of the gutter, folks. When I'm not writing I juggle family life and seemingly never ending mountains of laundry.

I can imagine. Nine kids! That *is* a lot of laundry! Did you always want to be a writer?

I've always spun stories in my head for as long as I can remember and I've always been a voracious reader. I'm an only child, so books were very much my friends when I was growing up. I wrote countless stories as a child, and teenager, and then as an adult life got in the way for a bit. However, in 2010 I decided to start writing again, and I haven't stopped :-)

You started writing young, so obviously you didn't started out writing erotic romance. How, pray tell, did you end up writing erotic romance?

*giggles* Well, like I said above. I kinda drifted into Erotic Romance, Erotica. It's amusing really, because I used to find writing sex scenes extremely embarrassing. But even in the first manuscript I wrote, I couldn't stop the characters from jumping each other's bones, so that should have given me a clue really.

A friend recommended some Erotic romances to me and I was hooked. Then came an anthology call and I wrote my first truly Erotic piece with my tongue firmly stuck in the side of my cheek. It was accepted and the publisher decided to publish it as a stand- alone story. That was Awakening. Guess it was my awakening too. My writing has simply continued to evolve and seems to be getting hotter all the time.

What’s the most rewarding thing about writing for you?

The simple act of creating and knowing that others enjoy my tales. If just one reader gets back to me and says they really enjoyed my book, then that is the job well done in my opinion. I love getting my characters to their happy ever afters. You will always get a HEA in my books and whilst there is a lot of sex, there is always a love story behind it.

Just the way I like it! It's time for Five Fun Facts:

  • Pantser or Plotter: Panster through and through
  • Sweet or sour: Sweet
  • Vacation spot: Anywhere warm
  • Colour: Blue
  • Hobby (writing excluded): Reading

What do you do when you’re not writing? 
I'm a mum first and foremost. Our youngest is only seven months old and the rest are 4, 7, 9, 11, 14, 16, 19 and 21. And yes they're all still living at home, so we always seem to be lurching from one crisis to the next!

So writing has to fit round everything else and quite often takes place late at night when everyone is asleep. Thankfully I have a very supportive hubby and when I'm in the middle of a story he will take over and bar feeding the baby I don't have to do much else. He's a star and I couldn’t get half as much writing done, if he wasn't as supportive as he is. It helps that I'm not in the least house proud too ;-)

Why should readers buy your book?

Because I take them on a journey and they can lose themselves in my stories. If I had one recurring 'complaint' it's that a reader could not put my book down. Dinner burned, sleep was lost, hubbys were … errr… happy…


My writing is fast paced with lots of twists and turns, and like I said you will always get that 'aww' feeling at the end of it.

Great answer, Doris. I may just have to steal that one ;-). Any wise words for aspiring/struggling authors?

Never give up. If writing is your passion, then keep writing. Read lots in your intended genre, write and write and write some more. Find a good critique group, take any feedback and act on it and find 'your' voice, not what you think it ought to be. You may well surprise yourself with where you end up. I know I did.

Please give us a sneak peek into your latest book. 

Take one very human girl. Add three bear shifters and one BDSM club. Shake well. What do you get? Lots of delicious fun.

When Goldie Lockwood receives an explicit note, signed by none other than the man she fell head over clit in lust with on first sight, there is only one thing she can do – obey. After all she is dying to find out what goes on behind closed doors at the exclusive BDSM club.

Having his Goldilocks pounced on by his brother and sister had not been in Jason Stanhope's plan, even if the little human's responsiveness blows the triplets away. Porridge, chairs, beds, she tries them all.

But, can she be the sweet sub they need? Or will Goldilocks live up to her name and run away screaming?


Three pairs of identical, heavy-lidded, chocolate eyes settled on Goldie, and she backed away nervously until she bumped against the steel door. Its coolness served to confirm that she was indeed here and not in her cozy bed, having the most erotic CEO dream ever.

"She's not our sub, Jacob. She's mine!" Jason ground the words out through gritted teeth.

Jacob whistled under his breath, and Catalina narrowed her eyes. Jason, however, advanced toward Goldie with the lazy, long-limbed gait she'd admired in the office. Unlike at the office though, all his attention was focused on her. Goldie's body reacted with embarrassing predictability. Her nipples puckered against the thin satin of her dress, and she clamped her thighs together to stop the renewed rush of moisture from trickling down her leg. He stopped so close to her that their thighs touched. She dropped her gaze to escape the intensity of his and settled it on the intricate tattoo on his left shoulder. She hadn't gotten a close look at it in the office but now she could see it was two bears entwined. The image would have been extremely erotic had it been two humans.

Her body lit up under Jason's intense scrutiny, and when he leaned down and inhaled deeply, she closed her eyes again. For some reason, that really turned her on.

"Thank you for following my instructions so exactly. I hope you had a pleasant journey here."

His deep baritone washed over her senses, and she nodded. His smile of approval showed through the light kisses he dropped on her cheek, and she turned her head, desperate to taste his full lips. He withdrew, and she bit back her disappointed moan.

"Not so fast, Goldilocks."

"Wha—what? And that's not my name." She tried to inject some authority into her voice, she really did, but Miss Pornstar seemed to have reemerged, so she gave up and simply looked at him. The business suits he'd worn to the office ever since that first day hinted at the powerful physique underneath. Seeing him this close dressed in jeans and a black vest and those damn cowboy boots, not to mention having all his attention focused on her—well, she may just go into cardiac arrest. It was every secret fantasy she'd ever harbored times three. The man of her dreams, plus his equally wet dream-inducing brother, and their stunningly beautiful sister. Her gaze darted involuntarily to Catalina, and their eyes locked. Jacob chuckled. Jason took a step away from Goldie and looked over his shoulder with a sigh.

"Maybe our sub after all, bro." Jacob's amused drawl shook Goldie out her trance like state and heat stained her cheeks.

"I'm no one's sub." Her voice was still far too breathy, and she couldn't bring herself to look at any of them. But there, she'd said it. They would have to let her go. She knew that much at least. They couldn't keep her here against her will—they wouldn't.

The click-clack of Catalina's heels on the floor announced her stepping closer, and Goldie's nerves came back with a vengeance. She edged sideways until she bumped into Jacob. He drew her into his body with one arm, his breath hot on her neck as he whispered, "Oh yes, you are."

Catalina's whip whispered past Goldie's shoulder, and she shrieked and darted toward Jason. Jacob growled at Catalina, and Cat smiled.

"Such a lot of fuss. Well, I'll leave her to you two for now. You know where I am if you need me. And you will need me." Catalina turned to face Goldie, and she was grateful for Jason's reassuring warmth at her back and the strong arms holding her up. "I can smell you from here, little sub. When you're fed up playing with the boys, come and find me—you know you want to."

Buy links:

Where can we find you online?
Website | Blog Twitter | Facebook

Thanks so much for spending time with us, Doris. Goldilocks has always been one of my fav fairytales. Interesting to see a naughty version of it - and great cover!

And for you, readers, Doris has graciously decided to give away one free copy of Goldie and Her Bears. All you have to do is leave a comment :-) for a chance to win.

(image of Goldilocks and the Three Bears: Rounds(dot)com)

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Six Sentence Sunday

After a few weeks' break, I'm taking part in Six Sentence Sunday again. I'm taking six sentences from a flash fiction I wrote a while back.

Something supple pressed against my collarbone. My throat dried up. Was she naked? I jerked in surprise when she started rubbing me through my jeans. Holy—I was rigid within seconds. I had no experience in holding back.

To read the full snippet, go here.

If you're a gluten for snippets and excerpts, check out other authors participating in Six Sentence Sunday and have yourself a naughty week!

Friday, 30 March 2012

Guest Blog: I Want My Words To Make You Sweat by Kassanna

For more days than I care to admit to I look at a computer screen. Always at the back of my mind…What if?

Then, without notice a shock of electricity crackles up my spine. I flex my hand to hear my knuckles pop. For the briefest of moments I swear I can see my keyboard glow.

Inspiration has struck.

Now allow me to explain.

I write erotic romance.

I’m sure I could write something else, mystery, horror or even mainstream romance. I don’t. But hear me out. The excitement of creating a titillating story that entertains and entices the reader, to me that is beyond cool. The idea of my characters making you wipe the sweat from your brow spurs me to write more. When you pick up one of my books, I want your heart to beat faster in anticipation as your e-reader, Nook or Kindle downloads it.

And when you’re done…well I hope you’ll need a cigarette or a glass of wine, if you don’t smoke, possibly even a cold shower, because the story was that good for you.

Here’s what I’m talking about.

Mattie pulled away from his finger and turned her head to watch the stage. A woman wrapped in creamy white satin was being lowered from the ceiling. The closer to the bed she came, the more of her body was revealed as she was unraveled from the material. Her movements rocked the cloth, swinging to the beat of the music. The sway of her body trapped in the thin material created an erotic picture against the backdrop of red and black.

There was a shuffle throughout the room. Mattie turned to check the entrances, and noticed men wearing absolutely nothing. She rubbed her eyes and looked again. Yes, those were two very naked men approaching the stage. Their hard, muscular bodies glistened in the spotlights as they walked the few steps onto the stage.

Mattie pressed her palms together, unsure what to do with her hands. She glanced around her once more. No one appeared to notice her, too riveted by the show progressing in front of them. A hand gripped her knee, slowly inching its way up her leg. The heat from the friction of the palm rubbing the thin fabric of her slacks seared a path forward.

Mattie swallowed.

As a reader can you imagine what’s going on in Mattie’s mind? Perhaps even replace her? I want the images I create with words to float through your mind. If even one of my stories can make you sweat then I consider my job done and I appreciate the fact that you gave my novella a chance. And if by chance you pick up my book to re-read just because, then you’ll understand why I write erotic romance.


Out Now

Whip Me Real Good (Club Lexx, 1)

Mattie couldn't believe her luck...

Not only had the Lexington Corporation agreed to fund her grant for the small organization she'd founded for abused women but she also received a complimentary ticket to the year's hottest party. The Erotic Exotic Event. Mattie's pleasure was two-fold. This was her chance to thank J. Lexington personally for choosing her little charity, and she could let loose a little from her stodgy persona to do it. She had no clue what she was in for.

John was a strong believer of giving back to the community which was why he chose a non-profit entity to support every year. What he didn't expect was the latte beauty, who looked like a librarian with the moves of a stripper, to come bounding through the club's gold doors. When the opportunity presented itself, he snatched it with both hands.

That's when things really start to heat up.

Be Warned: sex toys, BDSM, public exhibitionism.

Coming Soon
Keep Me Satisfied ~ Evernight Publishing
 Alexandra "Lex" Lexington is on the run. She thought she could handle the stalker that dogged her every step. Quickly realizing how wrong she was she sought the protection of her brother John Lexington. That brought on a new set of problems, namely John's sexy security specialist Adam Manchester. Feelings, she thought she'd buried for the infuriating man, have risen to the surface and the idea of rekindling an affair that never had a chance to really get started has her mounting a plan of seduction that he'll never see coming.

But her stalker has found her again with deadly intentions.

Adam Manchester handled John's security for the Lexington Corp, his office though is Club Lexx. He and John have been friends since childhood, he knows the family well, they all grew up together. Lex, she's special, not just to her brothers, but to him and not in a brotherly fashion. He's fought his feelings for her for years, always throwing up roadblocks when she got to close. Now John is asking him to look after her while he's away on business. His problem, how does he watch the women that he desires to possess without acting on those long denied feelings.

Sex Ought to Be Luscious ~ Decadent Publishing
Mike has watched Lynda for months. He wants her. He's asked her out several times only to be told no on numerous occasions. Her reasoning baffles him, he sees no problem with her being older than his twenty-two and he doesn't think it's anybody's business that they work together. If she would simply give him a chance he could show her exactly how much fun they could have.
Lynda has done everything within her power to discourage Mike's attraction to her. He's idealistic, she however resides in the real world and an eighteen year age difference is no small amount of time. To top it off she's his boss and she can't keep avoiding him. The only option she has is to nip his growing infatuation in the bud. She simply has to figure out exactly how to do that when she actually wants him as badly as he desires her. 

Ooh! (fanning self) I'm still recovering from that excerpt. And your covers are just so delectable. Thanks for sharing that with me and my readers, Kassanna. I wish you luck with sales of your current book and the release of your upcoming books.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Guest author: Kastil Eavenshade

Hi Guys, I'd like introduce you to another wonder author, Kastil Eavenshade as she celebrates her latest book, Wolves of Argonne from Evernight Publishers.

Welcome, Kastil. Tell us about yourself and your writing.
My dad was in the Army so we moved around a lot. Thankfully, I was born just outside of Pittsburgh in the same hospital as my dad. I’m one of those girls deeply into sports. Well, Pittsburgh sports anyway. I started writing in the 7th grade. Well, I thought it was writing but looking back, it was crap but I loved to read books. It just sparked my imagination big time. I found that there wasn’t a genre I didn’t care for or limit myself to so I write under my real name and two pen names. I have so many ideas floating in my head, I don’t want to pigeonhole myself to one genre.

Wow, that must keep you busy. Since you started writing in Grade 7, I take it you always wanted to be a writer?
Honestly, I’m a bit of a dreamer and I chased butterflies more than I ever chased dreams. When I was younger, I never thought my stuff good enough. I had friends pushing me but with having no faith in myself, I never took it anywhere. In July 2010, I took a leap and started not only finishing a project but submitting it.

Great. I am yet to complete my current WIP, but I've given myself some deadlines. How did you get into erotic romance? 
I had friends who wrote it and I dabbled in the naughty on the side. I buried the red-cheek inducing stories, way too embarrassed to show anyone. Then one of my circle of female writers mentioned an anthology call by Evernight Publishing. Intrigued, I thought about it while on vacation. I had a piece originally titled Demon Kin involving a half demon/half angel named Maurizio. The story was stalled but it had elements I thought would work for the anthology. So I picked it apart and kept the main love interest for Maurizio. I submitted it and got an acceptance. My belief in myself soared so I wrote another story for the m/m anthology which also was accepted. I love writing naughty pieces where the characters grow beyond the sex and reveal love for each other. That’s important to me—showing a connection.

What’s the most rewarding thing about writing for you?
Seeing those who read it find enjoyment out of it. I mean, that’s why I’m writing—for the readers. :-)

Five Fun Facts:
  • Pantser or Plotter: Hah! Pantser complete with bell bottoms. If I plan something too much, my muse has a fit!
  • Sweet or sour: Sweet.
  • Vacation spot: My family goes to OC, NJ every year but it’s not my choice. My favourite destination as a kid growing up was back in Pittsburgh visiting our relatives.
  • Colour: Red
  • Hobby (writing excluded): Art! I’ve even gotten my artwork on two book covers. One is JA Belfield’s Darkness & Light. I drew the ying yang wolves and on my book The Wolves of Argonne, The paw print tattoo is my original art as well.

I always wish I could do art. I do book covers for fun, but nothing I want to show the world - that's for sure. What do you do when you’re not writing? 
I, unfortunately, have a day job. It sucks a lot of my time and on a particularly exhausting day, my brain is too fried to write a word. In fact, with all that’s going on at work, I’m suffering through a major bout of writer’s block. My mom gave me her Netbook and I plan on using it to write at work on my break. I don’t worry about a word count because I find that’s too restrictive and if I have to adhere to a rigid schedule, I won’t write anything but stuff the delete button will take care of on the first round of edits.

Why should readers buy your book (I know, tough one, but it really does make you think. PS. ‘Because I wrote it’ doesn’t count. LOL)
Fairytales! It’s all the rage, you know. *wink, wink* If there’s one thing I’ve always been fascinated with, it’s fairytales. That I got to make a naughty twist on one is a plus plus. Actually, the fairytales I used—Red Riding Hood—I’ve used a couple of times before in stories but not all of them are of the erotic variety. I spun what I hope is a different tune on this one. Red Riding Hood still has a grandmother but the grandmother is actually her aunt. She doesn’t know that or the dark secret Nana has been hiding. As she unravels it, she also finds the men she’s destined to be with for the rest of her days. I added domination and primal instinct for fun.

Any wise words for aspiring/struggling authors? 
Don’t give up, for one. Also, learn to take criticism from not only your peers in the writing world but from reviewers when you get published. It’s going to hurt, believe me. It’s not about a word count or how many writing books you’ve read. The best thing I could have done is found a circle of friends who are writers and (this is very important) make sure they don’t get on a soapbox and praise your work. You need someone who is going to be honest about your manuscript and tell you exactly what’s wrong. Publishers aren’t going to knock you out with kid gloves, neither should your friends.

Very wise words, indeed (putting it down in my notebook) :-). Please give us a sneak peek into your latest book.

Rosabel lives on the edge of the Argonne Forest, a place where werewolves rule and don’t care for humans meddling in their affairs. During the harvest festival, she catches the attention of the alpha, Ulric. Beneath the mask, he makes his intent known with one hungry stare and awakens something dwelling deep within her soul.

She discovers her sexuality and submits to the whims of the virile and powerful shifter. When the arrival of another werewolf challenges Ulric for his prize, Rosabel finds herself between two wanting lovers.

Can Rosabel choose between her dominant suitors, or will the overbearing males learn to share their lady in the crimson cloak?

At the strike of the bow across the violinist’s strings, the first dance began. She laughed, joining hands with a red-masked gentleman. The palms of his hands were clammy, a nervous twitch to his lips, and he danced with the grace of a wild boar. She took off with grace and elegance, leading him around the wolf statue. Not even his awkwardness would ruin her mood for the evening. As she twirled away and reached out for his hands again, another took his place.

Rosabel almost lost her footing. There was no mistaking those hazel eyes behind the red mask. Her heart fluttered as the surge of energy spiked between them. He pulled her in close, and she caught the whiff of the pine and heather scent uniquely his.

“We meet again,” she whispered against his chest.

“Now, Rosabel,” his baritone voice filled her ears, “knowing your suitor at the festival is against the custom.”

She whorled away from him before his strength drew her near again. His lips came dangerously close and the aching need to press her mouth to his overwhelmed her. As she came within a hairsbreadth, the sudden coldness of his departure caused a whimper to form in her throat.

Just as quick, another male took her in his arms for a dance.

The heat and yearning she had with her devilish prince of the forest vanished in the arms of another man. She went through the motions but her eyes sought her mate.


The word jarred her back to reality, and she broke from her partner. Shaking, she bolted away from the festivities into the comforts of the shadowy alley just on the edge. She cast her gaze to the moon, basking in the tranquility of its zenith. The nervousness and desire for her hazel-eyed tempter slowly cooled.

“My Rosabel.”

She stiffened at the heat of his breath on her neck only to melt as his arms wrapped around her waist. The whimper she held in slipped out when his lips caressed her nape. Heat rose in her cheeks.

From her perspective, she could see the festival. Her mind called for her to rejoin it and leave the intoxicating touch of the man. Deep inside her chest, her heart thundered for her to submit to his every whim.

“Do you feel it?” His tongue snaked along her earlobe. “We are destined to be as one.”

She had no words, the trembling of her legs voicing a thousand of them. Slowly her skirts hiked farther up her legs by his machinations. Her stomach quickened, and she reached up to run her fingers through his hair as she pressed against him. His erection dug into her back, letting his intentions be known.

So against every courting ritual she’d been told about, she opened her thighs to his probing. A small gasp escaped her lips as he found her tender spot with ease.

“Careful, my mate. You do not want to draw attention to your state.” He chuckled before suckling at her neck.

Her chest heaved. Her lip between her teeth to stave off the growing moans, she unabashedly ground her hips against his dexterous fingers. Rosabel enticed a growl from his lover’s throat as she rubbed against his hardened shaft. Pain flared in her neck as his teeth scraped along the skin.

She fisted her hand in his hair, her legs barely holding her weight. His digits became more insistent, flicking and probing her sensitive areas. The warm feel of her wetness trailed down her leg, and she nearly collapsed when his finger slid inside her core. His strong arms held her upright but she could not take the torment of his touch any longer.

“Take me. Please.” She moaned.

“No, not like this. I offer but a taste of what I intend to do to you.” He drove his finger deeper, testing her virginal passage before pulling out.

She swooned in his arms, the pleasure shaking her very soul. Her skirts hung back in place, and she swayed on her feet, her decadent lover steadying her.

“Go back to the party, my sweet.” He peeled away from her.

“But….” She turned to drag him closer, and he’d vanished.


Evernight Publishing | Amazon1Place for Romance | Smashwords | Bookstrand | All Romance eBooks | Barnes & Noble

Oh My! What a SEXY excerpt! And so many places to get a copy. 
Where can we find you online?

I can be found here:


Kastil is giving away a copy of The Wolves of Argonne! Leave her a comment for a chance to win a copy

Thanks for being a guest on my blog, Pam/Kastil. Good luck with your current WIPs and sales.

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Spotlight on Laurie Sorensen

Hello, lovelies. If you're like me, then you're always happy meet a new author and find out them and their stories. So I'm very pleased to welcome historical romance author, Lauri Sorenson, who's here to talk about herself and her book, Ravenwood: Night's Salvation. Lauri recently signed a contract with Evernight Publishing, for her novel, The Pirate Princess, so you'll be hearing a lot more about her soon enough. Let's get right into...

Lauri, tell us more about yourself and your writing.

Well, to quote Roseanne Barr, I’m just your average Domestic Goddess. I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. I’m not as ordinary as I like to think I am, you see I write in ALL my spare time, which presently isn’t much time. I started writing a long time ago, when I was around 14 years old and my maternal grandmother passed away. It was an outlet for my grief in writing poetry that I never showed to anyone. Later, it helped me to overcome my crippling shyness around age 16.

You see on the pages of my stories I was outgoing, popular and everyone liked me, I wasn’t afraid of anything. Not so in real life though. My father was Air Force, leaving us moving more than I would have liked. I used the moving around to not make many friends, though it was really the terrible shyness that overshadowed my life. The friends I did make, have become lifelong friends, treasures to be sure. I never thought I would be published, indeed had never intended to submit my work, but at the endless insisting of family and friends, I gave in, and shortly there after became a professional author with a published work under her belt, and many more on the way.

Awesome. I can certainly relate with the sentiment of writing in ALL my spare time. Your intro clearly says you didn't set out to be a writer. What did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was but a wee little thing, I wanted to be a doctor, but when I realized that math was not really my forte, I moved on to something better. I wanted to be an Air Force Fighter Pilot; boy was my bubble ever burst wide open when I went into the recruiter’s office. I passed all of their tests, and he was happily preparing the paperwork for me to sign my left away to the Air Force, when he asked me what it was I wished to do in the military. He had a poster of the F-16 Tomcat behind him and I smiled at him as I pointed and said, I want to fly those. He took a quick look behind him (as if the poster hadn’t been there before) and when he turned back around he was blinking…and stumbling over his words. I frowned because I felt like I know what was coming. He said quite simply “You can’t fly those.” I then asked him why not to which he replied, “You’re a woman.”

Of course that didn’t sit well with me, in a time where women could do just as well as men could in everything except peeing standing up. I got upset and told him that the military isn’t supposed to discriminate due to sex. He quickly recovered himself and said, “Well, you also wear glasses, and you can’t fly anything in the military if you already have glasses.” I wasn’t sure if I had believed him or not, but it turns out that all of it was irrelevant, I have asthma and it’s an instant disqualification for any branch of the military, or was back then.

What I wanted most in my life was to be a wife and mother, writing was secondary, now it is equal to being a wife and a mother. My children are all self-sufficient now, and I am not needed near as much as I would like to be, so I get the chance to write.

Sorry, I shouldn't laugh at that military story, but LOL. Okay, back to you as a write! How did you get into historical romance?

History is a hobby of mine, I love all history (with the exception of some of the more gruesome parts of our history), so it was only natural to write what I know. I haven’t limited myself to just historical stories, though, I am working on contemporaries, YA and children’s books as well, and I have even put some thought into doing a naughty fairy-tale…I’ve even gone so far as to ask my fan’s and family what fairy-tale they would want to see me write about…lol

I'm plotting one of those naughty fairytales myself ;-) ;-). What’s the most rewarding thing about writing for you?

Seeing my name on a book cover has to be the top reward for my writing. Fans emailing me and telling me they loved my book, demanding the next one as soon as possible, that comes in as a very close second.

The name on the cover of a book - yes, that's one I aspire to. I even did a mock cover just for fun. LOL.

Five Fun Facts:
  • Pantser or Plotter: Pantser (but with work I can plot)
  • Sweet or sour: A little of both really…lol
  • Vacation spot: Beach, or Greece
  • Colour: Any shade of Green
  • Hobby (writing excluded): Cake decorating

I know you said you write in ALL your spare time, but there must be other stuff you do, so tell us what it is you get up to when you’re not writing?

I used to be a stay at home mom, but now I work outside the home at a small country gift store. The store is on the web, feel free to check it out at I also sell Tupperware both for in-home parties and online, please feel free to check out my Tupperware Website as well at Juggling everything like I do, can be precarious at best…horrible at worst. I love being a wife and mother, but I like the job I have had since November last year too, and I adore Tupperware, so I wouldn’t likely give up any of them. Time management is a big thing; you need to utilize what time you do have in the best ways possible to get the greatest affect.

(Hear, hear) Why should readers buy your book (I know, tough one, but it really does make you think. PS. ‘Because I wrote it’ doesn’t count. LOL)

I wrote my book in such a way as to bring the reader into its pages, allowing the reader to get to know Night and Satine and the other characters to the point that they can feel the pain the characters feel. It’s my hope that they will fall madly in love with both Night and Satine, and want to keep reading about them and the rest of the Ravenwood family in the subsequent books to come. If readers want to savour a story, and love history as much as I do, that’s why they should buy my book.

Great answer, and a perfect lead to my next question. Any wise words for aspiring/struggling authors?

Never give up. I almost did, and I know now that I would have regretted it tremendously if I had. It’s an adventure, there will be bad times, and there will be good times. Sometimes the bad out numbers the good, but in the end, have confidence in your work, and someone else will too. There is an audience out there for every book written, never forget that.

I like that. Please give us a sneak peek into your latest book. don't forget to tell us where we can get copies!


Duty, love and passion take flight on the wings of destiny. Compelled by honor and duty, Night Ravenwood leaves the only life he knows to return home after his brother’s death. He’s the new heir to Ravenwood Manor and the Earldom; at home an arranged marriage awaits him with a woman he’s never met.

When tragedy strikes the newlywed couple, Night realizes he’s fallen in love with the beautiful Satine, but does she love him in return? Satine vows to make Night see his destiny includes her; meanwhile someone is willing to commit murder to keep them apart.

Will love or murder shape the destiny of this love?

Night awoke with a start.

He had the distinct feeling someone was watching him. He sat up slowly, wary of who might be lurking about.

It must be near to dinner time. Night had fallen asleep without pulling the coverlet over his body and there was a bit of a chill. Perhaps that’s what woke me. He started to rise from the bed and he heard a small, almost inaudible gasp.

Apparently, the sensation of being watched had not been just his imagination. He turned in the direction of the gasp and smiled. The beautiful Satine, his bride to be, was here in his bedchamber and he was still stark naked.

The door was shut and Satine was here in the privacy of his bedchamber. He realized she must have been watching him while he slept, totally unaware of her perusal of his body. That body now responded, his cock standing up proudly for her to see. Night was inordinately pleased to find her in his room like this. If he had needed proof that she was no simpering female he certainly had it now.

Perhaps I was wrong about the simpering fool, and about her being afraid of cock. Mayhap, she is not the cold fish I expected.

“How long have you been watching me?” He cocked his head to one side. Is she a pretty shade of pink? She certainly appears to be embarrassed. After all, she has been caught in my chamber gazing at me, and here I am wearing not one stitch of clothing.

Satine turned away, obviously embarrassed. She moved from one foot to the other and could not seem to control her impulses because she turned to look at him again. “Only a moment
or two. Your mother sent me to wake you. Dinner will be served in a quarter hour.” Night raised an eyebrow, but continued to watch her without further comment.

She started to leave but realized immediately she would have to pass him to get to the closed door. He was still watching her and now a grin spread slowly across his face. She is caught without a place to go. She made a move toward the door, but stopped when he stood.

His cock jutted out from his body, hard and large, yet he did not seem to frighten her as he thought he might.

Satine’s gaze was drawn downward and rested on his swollen manhood.

Her incredible eyes widened as she saw the evidence of his desire for her, but Night saw nothing close to the fear he had expected. Pleased yet again that she was apparently not a cold fish, Night smirked. If life with Satine would go on in the future as it was now, he thought she would always please him in more ways than one. He knew he was being a rogue, but he enjoyed teasing her, though it would make it a very long, hard wait for their wedding night.

“Do you like what you see?” He smiled as she reached for the robe draped over the end of the bed.

She tried to hand the robe to him without meeting his gaze.

“Come now, you have seen everything I have to offer, and yet you turn your head from me to give me the robe?”

When he didn’t take the robe from her, Satine took a few tentative steps toward him. Once again she held the robe out to him, willing him to take it.

She squeaked as he took hold of her arm instead of the robe. Her wrist was small and delicate, and her skin as soft as Dumas’ mane. Night shuddered as he pulled her close to him and he gazed into her eyes.

“I asked you a question. I would like an answer.” Night leaned close to her face, her sweet breath washing over him, her scent a promise of the sweetness awaiting his lips.

“Wh-what was the question, sir?” Satine stammered, her body trembled, though her gaze never left his.

He lowered his head and kissed her lightly, her perfect lips giving the sweetness he had hoped to find. His tongue lightly stroked her pink lips, urging them to part. Her lips parted for him innocently and he immediately deepened the kiss. Mating his tongue with hers in a dance far more intoxicating than he had expected, Night drew her ever closer to his body, nestling his engorged cock between her legs, fitting it quite nicely into the junction of her woman’s mound. He was not gentle with her--his only thought, to possess her. Night released her wrist, only to grasp her ample derriere, her clothing the only thing between them now.

She responded to his kiss without reserve, winding her arms around his neck as she dropped his robe and arched into his body. Night pulled her closer, breaking the kiss long enough to taste her neck and stroke her bottom. Her response to him thrilled him into further action.

They fit perfectly together as if she had been made for him, and no one else. Once more he sought her lips, found them and kissed her until they were swollen. The kiss left them both panting and speechless.

Breathless, he turned her toward the door. “You should go now, before I do more things I must not yet do. I will be down to dinner shortly.” Satine gazed up at him, blinking, trembling and a little shaky on what seemed to be wobbly legs.

He opened the door and gently pushed her into the hall. She went willingly but turned to watch him.

He closed the door softly, and leaned against it to catch his breath.

She never answered my question. Did I really give her a chance to answer?

He dressed, absently wondering what his wedding night would be like.

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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: Christmas Naughties

So I noticed this cool thing called Six Sentence Sunday. It's basically that an author picks any 6 sentences from a work from any genre, whether WIP or published and posts them on their blog on Sunday before 9 AM EST. There are no restrictions on genre, heat level or publisher.

I thought it was a wonderful way of giving a sneak peak at my erotic romance novel, Christmas Naughties. I hope you like it. Here goes:
     He couldn’t help noticing the way her fingers caressed her wineglass and the subtle trembling of her hands as she raised the crystal edge of the glass to her lips. The tender spot at the base of her neck betrayed the heightened pace of her heartbeat. How the hell was sh­e holding it together when her entire body language screamed—
     “Would you care for a refill?” the waitress asked, drawing Peter’s attention from Hanie’s salacious look to his nearly empty wineglass.
     What he’d really care for was a private room where he could peel that black dress off Hanie’s body and sip his wine from the grooves of her feminine curves. He forced the image out of his mind, determined to stay true to his promise of being a perfect gentleman—for now, anyway. 
I'd love to know what you think of this snippet, so don't forget to leave a comment. To check out more snippets, go to the official site for Six Sentence Sunday. Have a great week.